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YOU'RE INVITED: GCSEC Family Workshop - behavior interventions for ASD

Posted on Feb. 11 2016 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
The Grant County Special Education Cooperative (of which Marion Community Schools is a part) has teamed up with Taylor University students studying special education to provide families with a special opportunity.

The family workshop on behavior intervention is targeted at families with children with autism spectrum disorder. The workshop will be presented several times (with the same information at each workshop). We hope all our families can find one of the times below that fits into their schedule! 

This workshop will provide families with hands-on training in three areas:
  • Techniques to help your child develop social skills at home and beyond
  • Use of visual supports (tools used to increase the understanding of language and environmental expectations, and to provide structure and support for people with autism spectrum disorder)
  • Effective collaboration between home and school for student success
There will be supervised activities for the students to participate in (movies and games) while the parents gain knowledge and build skills to help guide the whole family!

The workshop schedule is as follows:
  • 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 16, Marion High School Media Center, 750 W. 26th St., Marion
  • 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 9, Mississinewa High School Library, 205 E.N. "H" St., Gas City
  • 6 p.m. Thursday, April 7, Mississinewa administration office / GCSEC office, 424 E.S. "A" St., Gas City

Young musicians shine at vocal Solo & Ensemble competition

Posted on Feb. 09 2016 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
Dozens of Marion Community Schools students competed in the annual ISSMA Solo & Ensemble vocal / piano competition over the weekend, and many brought home top ratings for their performances. 

Congratulations to these students on their great accomplishments! We're proud of you!

Marion High School 

Every MHS vocalist brought home a gold medal from this competition, and several also advanced to the state level competition on Feb. 20. 

  • Gracie Graham, junior, gold medal, advanced to state
  • Amonte King, sophomore, gold medal, advanced to state
  • Taylor Parker-Wright, senior, gold medal, advanced to state
  • Oshiana Tyson, senior, gold medal, advanced to state
  • Madeline Spence, junior, gold medal, advanced to state
  • Luis Hernandez, senior, gold medal
  • the MHS Virtuoso choir, gold medal, advanced to state
    • Dontez Bass, Tyler Behr, Luis Hernandez, Tyler Mackessy, and Taylor Parker-Wright, seniors
    • Jenna Becker, Allie Durbin, Ianne Sierra, and Madeline Spence, juniors
    • Alyssa Dellinger, Amonte King, and Jalen Springer, sophomores

McCulloch Junior High 

Our junior high musicians also shined brightly at the competition. Here's a look at the competitors and how they did:

  • Saralena Bergsma, eighth grade, vocal solo, gold medal
  • LaDacia Brading, eighth grade, vocal solo, gold medal
  • Gabrielle Conyers, eighth grade, vocal solo, gold medal
  • Tristan Galeon, eighth grade, piano solo, gold medal
  • Myles Kohn, eighth grade, vocal solo, gold medal
  • Kabriel Robinson, eighth grade, vocal solo, gold medal
  • Zoe Stiles, seventh grade, vocal solo, gold medal
  • Michael Seybold, seventh grade, vocal solo, gold medal
  • Jai'ler Turner, eighth grade, piano solo, gold medal
Vocal ensembles:
  • Saidah Edwards and Myles Kohn, eighth-graders; and Emily Fannin, seventh-grader; gold medal
  • Gabrielle Conyers, Kabriel Robinson, Sable Thornburgh, eighth-graders, silver medal
  • Aibrey Coop, Alex Riggs, Anna Shigley, eighth-graders, silver medal
  • Navia Cushingberry and Michael Seybold, both seventh-graders; and Saralena Bergsma, eighth grade; bronze medal 

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Rachel's Challenge - YOU can make a difference!

Posted on Feb. 08 2016 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
Coming up later this month at McCulloch: the Rachel’s Challenge Assembly!

This powerful program focuses on Rachel’s Challenge: to reach out to others with deliberate acts of kindness. It empowers students and adults and gives them ideas and tools to help prevent and address bullying.

The goal: to challenge participants to reflect on their relationships and how they can have a positive impact on others.

Students will be challenged to:
  • Look for the best in others
  • Choose positive influences
  • Speak with kindness
  • Start their own Chain Reaction
  • Dream big
The assembly will start at 1 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 25, here at the school.

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