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Honor choir roster set

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News The following students have been selected for the McCulloch Junior High School Honor Choir for the 2019-20 school year:

  • Tori Beal
  • Layla Bohde
  • Chloie Byrd
  • Jazzlyn Flynn
  • Laylani Hammons
  • Ambria Haynes
  • Isabel Khalouf
  • Emily Luckey
  • Emma Miller
  • Halle Mims
  • Michelle Rasor
  • Caroline Russell
  • Sarah Terhune
  • Omyzhanae Thomas
  • Ja’Ana Bucklew
  • Jerrica Cheung
  • Abigail Crouch
  • Chloe Cruz
  • Alyssa Dunham
  • Brynna Gee
  • Damari Harshaw
  • Mike Herrington
  • D’Vailyn Key-Warren
  • Alandra King
  • Aryssa McCord
  • Jerica Overmyer
  • Chloe Phillips
  • Xavier Wood
  • Nathaniel Aguila
  • Nathaniel Beck
  • Whit Booher
  • Connor Dyer
  • Caleb Huff
  • Damien Martin
  • Shan Reed
  • Aidan Ruley
  • Daniel Terhune

The honor musical groups at McCulloch are upper level groups that will learn more challenging music and participate in regular concerts both inside and outside of school (such as Circle the State With Song for choir). Students who are involved in jazz choir and/or jazz band may also be able to enroll in the honor band and/or honor choir class if they choose. Students involved in this honor band or choir class will also be responsible to be involved in regular band and choir activities.