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Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
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Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Marion Community Schools is excited to announce that it has received a grant worth $1.7 million to fund improvement initiatives at McCulloch Junior High School.

The Indiana Department of Education awarded this 1003(g) school improvement grant, which directs federal funds to specific high-priority schools in the state to fund significant interventions. Seven schools were selected to implement school improvement grants in 2014-15, encompassing about $8 million in grant funds.

The list of high-priority schools is lengthy, the application process is rigorous, and the pool of available funds is limited, so MCS is thrilled to have earned a grant that will fuel continuing improvements at McCulloch Junior High School.

The grant will also grow established partnerships with Indiana Wesleyan University and STI Achievement Services, both of which have proven commitment to improvement at Marion Community Schools.

“The opportunities this grant will bring to our leaders, teachers, students, and families will have a direct impact on student achievement and teacher professional growth,” said Brenda McVicker, MCS Elementary Education Director and Title I administrator.

Here’s a look at some of what this grant will fund at McCulloch in the next three school years:

• A partnership with IWU that will provide mentorship for McCulloch leaders and graduate-level coursework for teachers.
• A partnership with STI that will provide personalized, professional, technological, data-driven instruction to education professionals, and will assist in planning and executing instructional change to improve student achievement.
• New staff positions: a behavioral specialist, a technology coach, a teacher specifically focused on at-risk students, and two educational assistants.
• Before- and after-school tutoring.

“The partnership with IWU is a highlight of the grant. This community partnership will bring McCulloch teachers and leaders together with professors from the School of Educational Leadership at IWU,” McVicker said. “And MCS has an existing relationship with STI that has a proven track record in increasing student performance at Marion High School. We are looking forward to continuing to develop that relationship at McCulloch. Whenever you can bring in partners that have a vested interest in your community, everyone benefits from the relationship.”

The grant proposal was written with sustainability at top of mind, and with long-term change as its focus.

“In order to achieve this type of change, collaboration must take place at every level, with every level,” McVicker said. “It will be essential to bridge the gap between teacher performance and student achievement. MCS will use the grant as a catalyst to bring long-term, transformational change to McCulloch Junior High.”

Marion Community Schools believes the improvements at McCulloch aided by this grant will define transformational change on many levels, from the culture, to the staff, to the community, to the relational bridge between student learning and staff performance. The ongoing partnerships with IWU and STI will be key components of that transformation.

“The School of Educational Leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University congratulates Marion Community Schools on receiving a three-year school improvement grant for McCulloch Junior High School. Indiana Wesleyan University looks forward to providing technical assistance in the areas of culturally responsive teaching and leadership mentoring that will best support teachers, administrators, parents, and students in a transformative process that recognizes positive change is often the direct outgrowth of healthy relational bounds within the culture of a school,” said Dr. Brad Oliver, associate professor of education at IWU. “In our opinion, the partnership model included in Marion’s school improvement grant has the potential to be a national model for school reform.”

One of the required elements of the state DOE’s Transformation Model, which is the improvement strategy MCS has proposed to use at McCulloch, is to promote the use of data to inform and differentiate instruction. The partnership with STI is integral in this effort.

“STI Achievement Services is excited to work in collaboration with the administration and educators of Marion schools to implement a plan of action for school improvement at McCulloch Junior High,” said Davis Brock, senior director for educational innovation at STI. “STI Achievement Services recognizes the unique needs of districts and individual schools, and works to improve academic learning not only for every student, but also for teachers, administrators and the community at-large. The STI team is committed to a collaborative partnership that will provide the McCulloch Junior High School community with the support and professional services that have helped Marion High School and other Indiana districts take their students to a higher level of academic success. The STI team is honored to be part of the Marion Community Schools family and is excited to embark on this new opportunity to continue our work with Marion Community Schools students, teachers, and administrators.”

Another element of the Transformation Model is new leadership at the school involved. At McCulloch, Marion High School alumna Jennifer Donald is returning home to take the lead at the school.

Donald most recently served as assistant principal at Haywood Middle School in Brownsville, Tenn. She has previously served in various leadership and administrative roles at the secondary level, and she also has a background in literacy instruction. She is set to start at McCulloch on June 16.

“The school improvement grant for McCulloch Junior High is going to be a tremendous component toward the success of our scholars. I am excited about opportunities that are going to be made available through these funds to jump start a comprehensive program that will offer instructional supports for our performance coaches, academic initiatives for our scholars, and a means to keep our parents and community involved in the academic growth of our school,” Donald said. “Most important, I am impressed with the built-in supports that will ensure sustainability beyond the three-year grant.”

Marion Community Schools is grateful for this school improvement grant and is confident that it will help propel McCulloch Junior High School to great things and help provide a bright future for our students.

"We are thankful for the tremendous opportunity this grant provides us to make better happen for our students, staff and school community of McCulloch Junior High, and we are excited about continuing our educational consultant partnership with STI and engaging an important community partner in Indiana Wesleyan University,” Marion Community Schools Superintendent Brad Lindsay said. "Our purpose is to develop the type of healthy relationships, culture, and professional focus that transforms lives, schools, and community. Giant things are in store for McCulloch Junior High and Marion Community Schools!"
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News The Marion Community Schools Board on Wednesday, May 14, approved school meal prices for the 2014-15 school year. 

The choice to raise meal prices is not one that is taken lightly. The price increases for next school year are as minimal as possible and reflect added costs the school system expects to incur. Even with the increases, MCS meal prices remain below the goal pricing levels as determined by the Indiana Department of Education.

  • Paid, students K-12: 90 cents (10 cent increase from 2013-14)
  • Reduced-price, for qualifying students K-12: 30 cents (no change from 2013-14)
  • Adults: $1.45 (20 cent increase from 2013-14)
  • Paid, students K-4: $1.50 (10 cent increase from 2013-14)
  • Paid, students 5-8: $1.70 (no change from 2013-14)
  • Paid, students 9-12: $1.80 (10 cent increase from 2013-14
  • Reduced-price, for qualifying students K-12: 40 cents (no change from 2013-14)
  • Adults: $2.50 (15 cent increase from 2013-14)
The online payment transaction fee remains the same, at $2.40 per transaction.

For information on applying for free and reduced-price meals, click here.
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News A Marion High School alumna is returning home to take the lead at McCulloch Junior High School.

Jennifer Donald will take over as principal at McCulloch Junior High starting June 16. She was approved by the Marion Community Schools Board of School Trustees during its regular meeting on May 14.

Ms. Jennifer Donald

With her roots in Marion, she brings a heart for our students and a belief that every one of them has the ability to succeed.

"I believe that students have the right to knowledge and culture for their intellect, and respect and liberty for their souls," she said. "I believe that all students have the capacity to become the best of the best with the willingness and desire to do so."

Donald most recently served as assistant principal at Haywood Middle School in Brownsville, Tenn. She has previously served in various leadership and administrative roles at the secondary level, and she also has a background in literacy instruction.

"We are proud to welcome Jennifer Donald back to rejoin our Marion Community Schools family," Marion Community Schools Superintendent Brad Lindsay said. "Jennifer will provide high expectations, direction, and support for our students and staff to be and produce their very best."

Donald has a vision to lead McCulloch to become an exemplary school that nurtures personal growth for students and staff. Her background and experiences will undoubtedly serve her well as she returns to Marion, and Marion Community Schools is pleased to be able to welcome her.

"Jennifer is a 'lead learner' and a passionate professional educator who will bring positive energy to our students and staff each day," Lindsay said. "Jennifer is a change leader who will inspire a culture of teamwork, continuous improvement and all-in Marion Community Schools pride!" 

McCulloch Principal Jim Fox announced in March that he was leaving the school. Recently, he accepted the role of principal at Montpelier Elementary School in neighboring Blackford County.

"[Jennifer Donald] is an outstanding leader," Fox told the Chronicle-Tribune. "With passing the torch to her I have no doubts McCulloch is going to continue to rise and get better."

Marion Community Schools thanks Mr. Fox for his decade of service as an administrator at MCS, and we wish him much success in his new role.
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News The Second Annual Marion Community Schools Kindness Rally has been rescheduled and will now be a great celebration of the end of a successful school year!


Mark your calendars now! The Kindness Rally will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, May 22 — the last day of classes for MCS students. All students, families, and anyone in the surrounding community is invited to come join in the fun!

Features will include bounce houses, an obstacle course, dunk tank, food, and more.

Tickets to be used for the carnival attractions will be four for $1, and proceeds will fund continuing anti-bullying efforts throughout the school system. The Marion High School FOR TAXII Club (Friends of Rachel / Teens Against Xtreme Inappropriate Interactions), which helps organize and run the Kindness Rally, will also be selling T-shirts and bracelets as a fundraiser.

Doors will open and ticket sales will begin at 5:30 p.m.

The Chain Reaction Ceremony is set for 6 p.m. The ceremony will feature the first ever Kindness Awards, to be presented to one student at each building who exemplifies the difference kindness can make. Students from each school will also participate in the parade of kindness chains from each school, with each link in the chains representing a kind act noticed this school year.

Marion Community Schools is proud of our students and staff who are starting a chain reaction of kindness and compassion and making positive changes in our schools and community. The Kindness Rally will be a great end to the school year; and we hope that students of all ages and their families, along with community members, will come and help us celebrate!